More work….


Design Diaries

I’ve been busy behinds the scene recently so here’s a few photos of what I’ve been up to!


I’ve also decided to start a design diary- I am learning so much everyday from designing and experimenting and I know I have a memory like a sieve! So I thought why not write down my experiences and inspirations on a daily basis. What better way to start than with a lovely notebook from Studio Seed!


This week

I’ve been working with Print Majic again to create some more personalised wrapping papers. Today I’m designing some wedding table runners for them and some kids height charts are on the cards too, so watch this space!



And here are my work in progress designs for the week for Inspire Art Licensing. 





So after a very early morning on Friday I travelled to Paperworld in Frankfurt! I went with 3 other girls from Inspire Art Licensing and we spent Friday setting up our stand- putting up all the banners and adding our bag mocks up. We then spent Saturday looking around Christmasworld and paper world. It was great to get some inspiration and look at trends. Here are some photos from the weekend!



Animal Mix-up

So excited to finally be able to announce the launch of my first published children’s book! Animal Mix-up will be available to buy from a number of retailers from Wednesday!

The book has been published by Hampton Bond, along with a group of 35 books by up and coming illustrators. It is available to buy on their website. The book is to be launched through a number of schools in the UK and I’m excited to say we’ve already had some orders come through from the US and Canada!

My book is a story of animals which have swapped their coats around, and want the child to guess which animal is which. I wrote and illustrated everything myself which was great.